Aura Large non-medical Gloves - Pack of 100





Product Details:

Our disposable Nitrile gloves are available in medium or large size and come in boxes of 100pcs. These general purpose gloves are unisex. powder-free and allergen-free. They are designed specifically for laboratory use. chemical- and food-handling, as well as general purpose use.

Textured surface provides excellent grip to securely handle various objects. Puncture-resistant construction allows safer handling of sharp items. Beaded cuff prevents rolldown for comfortable fit during extended wear. Disposable material allows fast. easy cleanup after each use. Ambidextrous design fits comfortably on either hand for immediate use.


Technical Details:

raw material Synthetic cream (nitrile)
color Light blue
tensile strength (MPA) Before aging: 18Mpamin, after aging: 14Mpamin
elongation at break Before aging: 500% min, after aging: 400% min
thickness Finger: 0.07mm+-0.02mm min, palms: 0.09+-0.02mm min


Certifications & Standards:

Manufactured according to FDA Current Good
Manufacturing Practice (COMP) Regulations


Sizing Chart (Typical):

Hand (inch) / Glove Measurement (mm) | Glove Size

Shipping Details:

  • 100 pcs per box
  • Package Dimensions (100pcs) H 4'x W 9"
  • Gross Weight: 1.12 lbs
  • Made in China


Recycled Content: 0% Greenhouse Gas Decrease: 27.20 lbs